Slide FASHION DESIGNER ATELIER RALF Ralf got interested in dolls at the age of 6. He owed a few Barbies, later on he started making clothes for his dolls, but since he didn’t know anything about closures they had to be sewn into the dresses. Not very practical. “After I became a teenager I abandoned all my dolls, I thought as now I’m a grown up I don’t need them. However I kept 1, the beach fun Kira, who got turned into Xena Warrior Princess. It took me too long to create that Xena outfit so I kept it.” In 2016 the Brand took form as a need to express the creativity and the fun in a doll play. “I needed something to play and let out my creativity. I started making easy clothes, trying out different shapes, which was easier in small scale than real size. And it just went on from there. More dolls and clothes came around.” He started with Barbie and moved on from there to FR and Nuface. “After I found out that the bodies and brands evolved throughout these years I was intrigued”. A year ago however he finally met the wonderful and amazing doll creator Andrew Yang and so Ralf got his first BJD Kadira doll The inspiration comes from fashion magazines, fashion show, art exhibitions, architecture and different cultures, “but sometimes I need to see the fabric, and that can tell me what to create. Fabric is the key in small scale as it can be too thick or too thin. I created many clothes which I just threw as the fabric option wasn’t appropriate. Also through traveling you can get the best new ideas ENTER THE SHOP